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Like water downstream

"Something about family - something about the glowing smiles and radiating love is contagious. Once it warms the room and kernels begin to pop, the energy flows like water downstream. Headed naturally where it belongs, and exactly where it wants to be." - Jessica Cook

My youngest child came to me,

a question stirring him badly…

He came over, sat next to me,

and he asked me how to be happy.

I later went on to my mother,

my question causing a fuss,

I sat down, right next to her, and said

“Mom, who do we trust?”

She walked me into her room,

and sat me on her bed.

She handed me a photobook,

“Family and all our treads”

I looked at her, confused,

but she looked at me with love.

“Trust the ways of family,

trust the ways thereof.

We’ve given you a tradition,

we’ve given you our wisdom.

Trust in those two things,

and you’ll always feel your freedom.”

An excerpt from my book, section titled - The Hierophant

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