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Love has no bounds ~

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

"There it lived, in the strings of her youthful heart, the warm rush of blood that would be protected at all costs by those who gave everything to see her smile." - Jessica Cook

Being the middle child

always gave me clarity.

It gave me perspective towards life,

it gave me perspective towards charity.

My younger siblings would drown in toys,

while my mom and dad would have simpler joys.

They were content with giving,

they were content with sharing,

all the while feeling overbearing.

They loved us so much, and yet had so little.

But to them, you see, their joys weren’t in the middle.

First came bills, then came food,

then came kids and still they understood.

They were at the bottom, the end of the list.

But they loved it that way, it wasn’t a risk.

To them it was life, to them it was love.

And in their eyes, you see, it was perfect all above.

An excerpt from my book, section titled - The Hanged Man

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